Covington Injury Attorney Represents Whiplash Victims

If you have a been injured in a rear-end accident, a sporting activity or any trauma and suffered a whiplash, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Often whiplash victims recover within a couple of days with pain medication, gentle exercises, and rest. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Some individuals suffer from serious injuries or disabilities that require long-term intervention and care.  Neck injuries can interfere with one’s daily life. Some people are unable to work or perform daily activities without severe pain.

When a victim’s head is violently forced forward because of an impact from behind, then quickly jerked backward, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments are affected by the abnormal force causing the neck to pull outside its normal range of motion. Some victims of whiplash experience severe dizziness as well as pain and discomfort that can also recur later in life.  Severe whiplash damage includes spinal cord damage, spinal arthritis, and permanent neck pain.

If you have suffered a whiplash following an accident and are experiencing debilitating pain, contact this personal injury attorney Covington to discuss filing an injury lawsuit to recover medical costs and loss of wages if you are unable to work due to the injury. Tim Upton’s legal guidance will see the compensation you deserve and ensure that you receive the medical care required.

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